a dream of passion

#i should be going to bed #but i'm too wound up from a) swooning over disney villains #b) screaming about atia and marc antony and their perfection #and c) FINDING OUT THAT CAIT AND I ALMOST WENT TO SUMMER CAMP TOGETHER AND CONSEQUENTLY MOURNING THE CHILDHOOD FRIENDSHIP THAT NEVER WAS #so instead of bedtime #i shall watch another episode of rome #good life choices blog '11 #sleep is for the weak #tumblr is for the strong

  1. belinsky said: i feel like a good person would tell you to go to sleep, but frankly i approve of your life choices
  2. russiancohle said: my approval. you have it.
  3. northernqueenshasmoved said: YOU MISS ARE FANTASTIC AND I LOVE YOU. but i’ve been up since half six which means it’s time for me to bail but i of course will be around tomorrow! <3
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