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Game of Thrones 30 Day Challenge: Day 14 

Who do you think Jon Snow’s parents are?

Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Not a doubt in my mind. Let me walk you through my logic/evidence:

1) Ned Stark. Seriously, does Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell cheat on his lovely lady wife? Fuck no. I would argue this is the absolute first clue we get; Ned is just not an adulterer ever in any universe.

2) Preemptive strike: you think “but everyone says Jon looks like Ned!” Well, yes and no. Jon has what people recognize as the “classic Stark” look. Ned does too, obviously, and so other characters make the comparison. But let’s not forget Lyanna was Ned’s sister, and Arya (whose face is also Starkian) is said to be quite similar to her. So Jon doesn’t look like Ned, per se, he looks like Lyanna.

3) The timeline works. Robb is slightly older than Jon. Robb was conceived just before Ned went away to war. The war was started because Rhaegar and Lyanna eloped together kidnapped Lyanna. So Jon’s conception would be sometime during the war, just a bit after Robb’s.

4) The details of Lyanna’s death are quite vague, all that’s mentioned in the way of specifics being a lot of blood. That is consistent with death in childbirth.

5) And her last words (which were to Ned) were “Promise me …” If that sentence doesn’t end with “… you’ll take my son and raise him as your own” I’ll eat my hat. And consistent with point no. 1, Ned totally would be honor-bound enough that he’d raise Jon and never tell Catelyn even though she felt betrayed.

6) Jojen and Meera Reed seem quite perplexed that Ned never told Bran the story of the crannogman who was a knight. You know what else that story is about? The only tournament Rhaegar ever won, in which he crowned Lyanna the Queen of Love and Beauty. You know who is the only person left alive in the series who was present when Lyanna died? Howland Reed. THE CRANNOGMEN KNOW.

7) Props to my dear friend Martinus for noticing this (he’s awesome like that). During one of Ned’s chapters, he is talking with Littlefinger about Robert’s bastards. In the middle of this conversation there’s a line something like (paraphrasing here): “for the first time in years, his thoughts turned to Rhaegar Targaryen.” Why would he think of RHAEGAR in a talk with LITTLEFINGER about ROBERT? Answer: They’re discussing bastards, and he associates that with Rhaegar BECAUSE OF JON.


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